Combine VCI paper and VCI bags for ultimate rust protection.

At Green Packaging, Inc. we often recommend the use of VCI paper in conjunction with VCI bags when the metal parts are going to be subject to harsh environmental conditions (high humidity, temperature fluctuations, ocean freight, etc.), or if they are going to be stored for an extended period of time (longer than 36 months).

A Combination of both VCI paper and a VCI bag will give you the best protection for a number of reasons, chief among them:

  • To Increase the Amount of VCI Molecules in Packages
  • The VCI Poly Bag Creates a Moisture Barrier so that Moisture will not come into the Package
  • The VCI Paper will Absorb Moisture Created when Condensation Forms due to Temperature Fluctuations
  • The VCI Paper is Saturated with VCI Formulation and because it is on the Surface of the Paper, it will Protect Metal Parts Immediately
  • VCI Paper formulation is Water-Soluble so any Moisture in the Package will Dissolve the VCI Formulation and will become a Rust Preventative
  • The Combination of VCI Paper and a VCI Poly Bag is the Most Effective Way to Prevent Rust and Corrosion because this Method will Provide Immediate and Long-Term Protection, and will Protect even in the Midst of Moisture and Condensation.

So, if your metal parts will be stored for a prolonged extent of time, or if they will exposed to a great deal of moisture or temperature fluctuations, the best solution for corrosion prevention is using a sheet (or several sheets) of VCI paper inside a VCI bag.

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