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Cast Metal Rust Solutions – Guaranteed

The average foundry sees over $127,000 a year in rust-related losses.

Whether you are producing castings of ductile iron, gray iron, or any other ferrous or non-ferrous alloys–at 1 pound or 10,000 pounds—you need premium rust protection for your valuable castings. After all, the goal is always zero casting defects. The headache from your non-conforming material paperwork is just the beginning as you rack up costs to rework rusty castings and pay the freight to ship them back.

Unlike multi-metal VCI formulas, the proprietary, nitrite-free, heavy-metal-free VCI Rust Guard Premium™ formulation from Green Packaging, Inc. is specific to cast metals and extremely effective in preventing their rust and corrosion. You can protect larger castings during shipment with individual bags or by wrapping and strapping them to a pallet. You can bulk-pack smaller castings inside a Rust Guard Premium™ VCI bag. For in-process castings, you can also leverage Rust Guard Premium™ VCI bags and/or paper to protect your parts while waiting for secondary operations, such as grinding or machining.


Our Rust Guard Premium™ VCI bags are specifically formulated to protect metal castings.


All our products are non-toxic and evironmentally safe - free of heavy metals, nitrites, or amines.


Our pricing is consistent and competitive.


We carry more products in stock and available to ship same-day than any other VCI brand.


We offer the industry's ONLY rust prevention guarantee.
Rust problems on your metal castings have you stumped?


“I wanted to let you know that your recent shipment of Green Packaging, Inc. VCI bags are working great for us. One of our clients sent some castings to Cambodia (very humid weather), and even though the castings sat for 2 weeks in customs, not one was rusted!”

Bowmanville Foundry


“Green Packaging, Inc. is in the top 5 of all of our vendors. I have never had a problem since switching the Green Packaging, Inc. They are quick to respond, pricing is always in line and better than the competition. Green Packaging is a fantastic company to deal with. They are more of a partner than a vendor.”

Alex Yoder

Unicast Company


“We have been using VCI paper and bags exclusively from Green Packaging for more than three years to protect our automotive parts, for shipment to 25 different automotive assembly plants in 14 countries, without incident. The company has been very quick to analyze our needs and provide solutions when asked. We are most pleased with their price and delivery as well. Thanks again.”

Gerry Shaw

Continental Automotive


“Calhoun Foundry Company switched to Green Packaging, Inc. several years ago. In a very short time, they helped us solve issues for our customers and saved us a little money too! They are the true professionals for our rust preventative needs. Green Packaging worked in educating us, allowing us to better serve our customers as cost effectively as possible. I have nothing but the highest regards for Green Packaging and their expertise. If you are needing rust prevention services, we at Calhoun Foundry Company highly recommend Green Packaging, Inc.”

Brad Harris

Calhoun Foundry

Improving Outcomes
Unicom Company in Boyertown, PA was using inferior VCI products to protect its parts in its warehouse and was incurring significant remediation costs to send the castings to an outside vendor for blasting to remove rust prior to shipment. Since switching to Rust Guard Premium™ VCI bags, Unicom has increased its profitability and expanded its manufacturing runs by eliminating this expensive step.
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