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Anti-Rust Solutions for your SPRINGS & WIREFORMS

Rust Prevention for Spring & Wire Forms with VCI Products
Corrosion costs from losses and preventive strategies in the US are estimated at an annual $451 billion.

As you produce a wide range of fabricated metal products, including heavy and light gauge springs, wire rope, wire mesh and chain link fencing—and use variety of raw materials to do so—you are fighting both intense competition from lower-priced imports and rust and corrosion that are adding to your already tenuous costs. But, liquid rust preventatives only offer short-term protection.

Using a combination of VCI Rust Guard Premium bags and paper, you can enjoy complete protection from Green Packaging, Inc.


Our Rust Guard Premium™ VCI bags are specifically formulated to protect spring & wire forms.


All our products are non-toxic and evironmentally safe - free of heavy metals, nitrites, or amines.


Our pricing is consistent and competitive.


We carry more products in stock and available to ship same-day than any other VCI brand.


We offer the industry's ONLY rust prevention guarantee.

Rust problems on your manufactured spring and wire form parts have you stumped?


We have been using VCI bags from Green Packaging, Inc. for 5 years. We had a desperate need to take care of a major rust problem on parts for the medical industry. Placing our spools and reels in Green Packaging VCI Bags has been extremely helpful. Our customers really appreciate this because they store these products in their warehouses for quite some time. I would highly recommend Green Packaging, Inc. to others in the spring and wire forming industry.

Scott Kirkpatrick

Radcliff Wire, Inc.


“We have been using VCI paper and bags exclusively from Green Packaging for more than three years to protect our automotive parts, for shipment to 25 different automotive assembly plants in 14 countries, without incident. The company has been very quick to analyze our needs and provide solutions when asked. We are most pleased with their price and delivery as well. Thanks again.”

Gerry Shaw

Continental Automotive


“Thank you for the quality products and the great customer service!”

Todd Bassett

Myers Spring Company

Improving Outcomes
You spend a lot of time and effort blanking, flanging, coining and deep drawing to create parts that have extremely close tolerances. Why let corrosion and rust ruin all of your hard work. Our VCI products will eliminate rust and corrosion on all types of stamped metal parts.
Whether you are stamping parts from cold rolled steel, bar stock, tubing, wire, or any other metal stock, our VCI will prevent corrosion and rust. Our VCI products prevent corrosion on steel as well as all non-ferrous metals.

  • NESMA New England Spring and Metalstamping Association
  • CASMI Chicago Association of Spring Manufacturers
We maintain memberships in the following Spring & Wireform associations:

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