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Rust Prevention Guarantee

We’re putting our name and reputation on the line to help you ship better products and increase your customer satisfaction.

There’s no risk when switching to Green Packaging, Inc. We’re so sure of our Rust Guard Premium™ Technology that we’re offering you the industry’s only money back guarantee.
Take our products for a test drive with the confidence that your purchase is backed by a full refund if you are not successful in your rust and corrosion prevention efforts using our products as directed.

To help our customers stop rust and corrosion problems, we’ve provided 14 rust prevention tips to follow while using VCI products to package your metal parts. By following these 14 rust prevention tips and using all products as directed, Green Packaging confidently provides customers with a rust prevention guarantee. If rust persists on parts after using VCI in combination with our tips, Green Packaging promises to fully refund your money. That’s right. We’re so confident in the rust prevention benefits behind our products and expertise that we guarantee complete success or you get your money back. As the anti-rust experts, we put our name and our reputation on the line to help you ship better products and increase the satisfaction of your customers, because your business’s success is a reflection on us. Stop rust once and for all.

Rust problems on your manufactured metal parts have you stumped?
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