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Anti-Rust Solutions for POWDER METAL PARTS

Protect your Powder Metal Parts with the Most Powerful VCI Products on the Market
Rust and corrosion cost American metal parts manufacturers an estimated $30 billion a year.

Powder metal parts tend to rust very quickly because of their porosity, and the usual steam treatment can cause rusting issues if your powder metal parts are not properly protected immediately after treatment. They are also vulnerable as they sit awaiting steaming and other secondary processes.

Green Packaging, Inc. offers a VCI Rust Guard Premium paper specifically formulated to protect powdered metal parts from rust and corrosion. And, this proprietary VCI formulation is extremely effective on powdered metal parts–no matter the type.


Our Rust Guard Premium™ VCI bags are specifically formulated to protect powder metal parts.


All our products are non-toxic and evironmentally safe - free of heavy metals, nitrites, or amines.


Our pricing is consistent and competitive.


We carry more products in stock and available to ship same-day than any other VCI brand.


We offer the industry's ONLY rust prevention guarantee.

Rust problems on your powder metal parts have you stumped?


“ Green Packaging, Inc. is very easy to work with. Good prices, fast service, and the ONLY VCI paper that works on my P/M parts.”
Jeff Herzing

Metco Industries


“ I have been working Wayne Siefert and Green Packaging, Inc. for over 3 years, both buying product and using their services to figure out solutions in preventing rust.  I would highly recommend using their product and special expertise in the VCI field.”
Chad Leader

Alpha Precision Group


“We have been using VCI paper and bags exclusively from Green Packaging for more than three years to protect our automotive parts, for shipment to 25 different automotive assembly plants in 14 countries, without incident. The company has been very quick to analyze our needs and provide solutions when asked. We are most pleased with their price and delivery as well. Thanks again.”

Gerry Shaw

Continental Automotive

Improving Outcomes
A large manufacturer of powder metal parts in St. Mary’s, PA had been a long-time buyer of a competitor’s VCI products. But the company was not getting its desired results. In fact, it was using the wrong type of VCI for its parts because the supplier wasn’t well-versed in VCI products. Green Packaging, Inc. did a full analysis of the rust problem and made new and different VCI product recommendations that eliminated rust.
  • APMI International
  • MPIF Metal Powder Industries Federation
  • CPMT  Center for Powder Metallurgy Technology
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