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Rust Guard Premium™ technology

Not all VCI products are created equal. They vary in efficacy and safety because of specific chemical formulations–a concern regardless of your material, especially when susceptible to quick rust and corrosion. Rust Guard Premium™ Technology from Green Packaging Inc. boasts the highest levels of VCI concentrate in the industry and is completely free of sodium nitrite, heavy metals, and amines–making it the best VCI option on the market for performance, employee health, and environmental compliance.

Other VCI companies utilize older technology containing harmful chemicals that can endanger employees and the environment. These formulations rely heavily on sodium nitrite–an inexpensive ingredient that performs well on ferrous metals in the contact phase. But sodium nitrite has extremely low vapor pressure, so it tends to stay within the polyethylene and doesn’t create a vapor phase that is necessary to protect parts that are not in direct contact with the vapor corrosion inhibitor. This is especially risky when using large VCI bags where most of your parts are not directly touching the surface of the bag. In addition, sodium nitrite is incompatible with non-ferrous metals and can cause discoloration and corrosion. Finally, sodium nitrite is classified as carcinogen for humans—and most VCI products still use sodium nitrate and amine salts. This combination causes the formation of nitrosamines, which are known causes of liver, bladder, and gastric cancers.

How Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) Technology Works

VCI materials contain corrosion-inhibiting chemicals, which neutralize the air around your metal parts and protect them from rust and corrosion. Working on a molecular level, the technology migrates from the products into the packaging environment to create a layer of protection that adheres to all areas of a metal’s surface, including hard-to-reach interior areas.

Your Parts Wrapped with Other VCI Brands

Other VCI brands carry lower concentrated levels of VCI inhibitors leaving your parts vulnerable to rust and corrosion.

Your Parts Protected by Rust Guard Premium™ VCI Products

Rust Guard Premium™ VCI products contain the highest concentrated level of VCI on the market providing complete protection against rust and corrosion.

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