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Need to Improve Your Rust Prevention Program? At Green Packaging, Inc. we’ve solved complex rust and corrosion problems for the country’s leading
metal parts manufacturers.

Need a Custom Size? No problem. With hundreds of VCI products in stock, we carry more sizes and thicknesses of VCI paper and bags than anyone in the industry. We also have the ability produce custom-sized VCI products built to your unique specifications.

Want to never run out of VCI? Sign up for our Evergreen Program and we will ensure your custom VCI products are always in stock with no lead-time.

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Green Packaging, Inc.’s proprietary, nitrite-free, heavy-metal-free VCI Rust Guard Premium™ products are specifically formulated for the type of metal parts you are producing. Many VCI companies have only one VCI formulation. Our VCI products prevent rust and corrosion on iron castings, metal stampings, powdered metal parts, precision machined parts, springs, and wire. Are you ready to be rust-free?

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