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The most effective, safest, cleanest VCI products on the market

Green Packaging, Inc. is a distributor of specialty industrial packaging materials offering rust and corrosion prevention. These bags, film, emitters, and paper leverage vapor corrosion inhibitor (VCI) polyethylene for a coating that delivers rust and corrosion preventatives for metal parts. With no heavy metals, nitrites, or amines, Green Packaging, Inc.’s Rust Guard Premium™ technology offers the most effective, safest, cleanest VCI products on the market. Green Packaging, Inc. eliminates the need to use oils, grease, or other coatings while helping you achieve the same or better results than when you employ these traditional methods for protection of in-process parts during storage, shipment, and transportation.

If metal is your primary manufacturing material, you are probably struggling with rust and corrosion for your in-process parts. The US has seen costs from prevention strategies and losses around maintenance, operations, and shop floor downtime skyrocket to nearly $280 billion annually. A single North American foundry loses an average of over $127,000 a year from rust-related issues.

Regardless of your industry or application, these facts hold true:
  • Metallic corrosion impacts nearly every U.S. sector.
  • Although corrosion management has improved in recent years, control programs remain a critical need.

Still searching for the peace of mind that comes from knowing your parts will arrive rust free? With Green Packaging, Inc., you can easily test product options via the industry’s only Money Back Guarantee.

Minimize risk, optimize inventory, and ensure prevention with Green Packaging, Inc.
Take advantage of our Rust Guard Premium™ Technology vapor corrosion inhibitor products for the most effective, safest, and cleanest rust and corrosion prevention for your metal parts.
The VCI Difference

You may have already discovered the VCI difference but need help in maintaining preferred inventory. With Green Packaging, Inc., you can access seamless supply chain support programs with a 30-minute quote, same-day shipping, and proactive inventory monitoring.

Complimentary Rust Prevention Consultation

Improve your rust and corrosion prevention program. Leverage a singular manufacturing focus and unique collaborative approach with Green Packaging’s complimentary rust prevention consultations.

Rust problems on your manufactured metal parts have you stumped?
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