The Safest VCI Products

Rust Guard Premium™ VCI bags bring a powerful combination of advanced safety and unparalleled effectiveness to your metal parts.

VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) products have been in continuous use since the 1940’s when Shell Oil Company developed and patented a new chemical called DICHAN (Dicyclohexylammonium Nitrite). DICHAN was used after the Second World War to protect U.S. military equipment. VCI products were a big step forward because they emit corrosion inhibiting molecules and create an invisible layer of protection against rust and corrosion without the need for petroleum-based oils or greases.

In the 1950’s and 1960’s, health and safety concerns began to arise from the use of DICHAN. In the 1970’s, DICHAN was determined to be carcinogenic, which led to DICHAN essentially being banned for all but a few specialty applications. Surprisingly, many VCI companies today still use similar chemistry in their VCI products.

After DICHAN was discontinued, VCI companies searched for a safer, yet still effective alternative. This is when sodium nitrite and secondary amines were introduced in the VCI packaging industry. Continued research has shown that neither nitrite-based nor amine-based VCIs are safe. When used in packaging, amines and nitrites can combine to form nitrosamines that can then be inhaled. Nitrosamines are known carcinogens, and cause cancers of the liver, bladder, and stomach. Most VCI companies still use this technology today, even though these chemicals are banned in many countries.

Our VCI bags require no additional packaging to stop rust in its tracks, and to prevent corrosion from damaging your precious business materials. They can last up to five years before needing to be replaced, can easily be repaired and cleaned, and they can be manufactured to your exact size specifications. These sturdy bags create a protective shield around metals and establishes a complete barrier against moisture.

Keeping your business in mind, we made sure to keep our VCI bags transparent, so that you can better identify, inspect, and inventory your metal parts. Not only can they withstand temperatures from as low as -60 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 200 degrees Fahrenheit, but the VCI bags are amazingly economical and can save you money on production and packaging costs, because they can be reused! Our eco-friendly VCI bags are sure to keep your business budget in check.

Safest VCI Products on the Market

Rust Guard Premium™ VCI products from Green Packaging, Inc. are Amine-free, Nitrite-free, Heavy Metal-free, and contain no VOC’s. In addition to being the safest VCI products on the market, Rust Guard Premium™ VCI products are also the most effective for rust prevention because:

  • Sodium nitrite-based VCIs are effective ONLY on ferrous metals (iron, steel, etc.) Sodium nitrite is not affective on copper, brass, bronze, and other copper alloys. Sodium nitrite can attack and discolor copper and copper alloys.
  • Rust Guard Premium™ VCI products protect all ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including steel, iron, copper, aluminum, and zinc.
  • Sodium Nitrite has very low vapor pressure and is best in contact phase, not in vapor phase, therefore not effective in larger VCI bags where most of the parts are not touching the bag.
  • Rust Guard Premium™ VCI products have much higher vapor pressure and the highest level of VCI chemistry in the industry which will protect much larger areas more effectively, providing better and longer-lasting protection.
  • Rust Guard Premium™ VCI products are so safe, they are even FDA compliant for use with food processing equipment.
  • Rust Guard Premium™ VCI products create no issues with disposal or recycling.

Don’t trust your employees’ health and safety to a VCI company that is not concerned about them.

Rust Guard Premium™ VCI bags bring a powerful combination of advanced safety and unparalleled effectiveness to your metal parts. Contact Green Packaging, Inc. today and we will end your rust and corrosion problems once and for all!

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