Use VCI products to protect metal parts during work-in-process.

At Green Packaging, Inc. we are committed to helping you prevent rust and corrosion on your metal parts. As a matter of fact, “Protect Every Part” is our by-line. We recommend the use of Rust Guard Premium™ VCI products to prevent rust and corrosion on metal parts.

Our VCI products utilize the latest state-of-the art VCI Technology. VCI products are typically used to prevent rust and corrosion during shipment and for periods of storage. However, another important use of VCI products is for protecting WIP (Work in Process). This can be for metal parts going through the manufacturing process on a daily basis, or more importantly, for metal parts that are being left unattended for extended periods of time, such as overnight, on weekends, or for holiday shut-down periods. During these shut-down periods, it is important to protect metal parts from their surrounding atmosphere which is always trying to attack the metal. Oxygen, moisture, and contaminants in the air are the things that cause and accelerate rust and corrosion.

Tips for preventing rust on metal parts during weekend and holiday shut-downs:

  • Cover any exposed metal parts with VCI paper or VCI poly sheeting
  • Fold over and close the VCI bag for any metal parts that have already been placed in a VCI bag
  • Be sure that there are no metal parts sitting directly on wooden pallets, corrugated boxes or wooden crates. Make sure there is a barrier of VCI paper or VCI poly sheeting between the metal parts and any wood or paper products.
  • Keep metal parts away from heat treat areas or any other area that have industrial air contaminants
  • Try to keep the air temperature in the plant as constant as possible. Fluctuations in temperature can cause condensation and corrosion
  • Drape VCI poly sheeting over any equipment that is not in use
  • Cover tooling, molds, etc. with VCI paper or VCI poly sheeting
  • Alternatively, you may spray exposed parts, equipment and tooling with Dry Coat Rust Preventative
  • Use the shut-down period to perform Preventative Maintenance on all equipment
  • Purge or clean all metalworking fluids prior to shut-down
  • Titrate all metalworking fluids prior to shut-down

Take the time to complete the list above, and when you return from shut-down, all of your metal parts will be rust-free! A corrosion prevention specialist such as Green Packaging, Inc. will be able to determine the best corrosion inhibiting system for your unique application.

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