Use VCI Bags Without Trapping Moisture

One of the most common complaints about using VCI bags is that the polyethylene VCI bag can trap moisture inside the bag.

While a high quality VCI bag will provide protection against corrosion even in the midst of moisture, it is still best to reduce or eliminate the most moisture as possible from the packaging environment. In most cases, the trapped moisture is a result of improper packaging procedures.

If you are packaging parts that are warm (or warmer than the ambient air) it is vitally important to allow the parts to reach room temperature prior to closing or sealing the VCI bag. As metal parts cool, the air surrounding the parts also cools, which can form condensation because cool air cannot hold as much moisture as warm air. Leaving the VCI bag open during this cooling period allows the moisture to escape as it forms. During this cooling period, it is important to cover the top of your parts with a sheet of VCI paper to protect the parts from corrosion and rust as they cool off.

It is also recommended that several more sheets of VCI paper be distributed throughout the package. The VCI paper will help absorb some of the moisture and condensation as it forms. The VCI paper will also give added VCI protection once the VCI bag is closed or sealed.

Safest VCI Products on the Market

Rust Guard Premium™ VCI products from Green Packaging, Inc. are Amine-free, Nitrite-free, Heavy Metal-free, and contain no VOC’s. In addition to being the safest VCI products on the market, Rust Guard Premium™ VCI products are also the most effective for rust prevention because:

  • Sodium nitrite-based VCIs are effective ONLY on ferrous metals (iron, steel, etc.) Sodium nitrite is not affective on copper, brass, bronze, and other copper alloys. Sodium nitrite can attack and discolor copper and copper alloys.
  • Rust Guard Premium™ VCI products protect all ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including steel, iron, copper, aluminum, and zinc.
  • Sodium Nitrite has very low vapor pressure and is best in contact phase, not in vapor phase, therefore not effective in larger VCI bags where most of the parts are not touching the bag.
  • Rust Guard Premium™ VCI products have much higher vapor pressure and the highest level of VCI chemistry in the industry which will protect much larger areas more effectively, providing better and longer-lasting protection.
  • Rust Guard Premium™ VCI products are so safe, they are even FDA compliant for use with food processing equipment.
  • Rust Guard Premium™ VCI products create no issues with disposal or recycling.

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