For best results use VCI products consistently throughout the year.

It is vitally important to use VCI products all year long. Some of our customers use VCI only in the warm, humid months because that is when rust and corrosion is at its worst. It is true that for most companies, rust is at its peak during the summer, but rust can still be a major problem during the colder months of autumn and winter.

There are several reasons for using VCI products during the winter months

Your parts are packed indoors at room temperature. When you ship those parts by truck, they are subject to  much colder weather, and then when your parts are delivered to your customers, they go back indoors to room temperature. These fluctuations in temperature will cause condensation to form on your parts, causing them to be susceptible to corrosion and rust. Proper packaging with VCI products will prevent rust and corrosion even in the midst of condensation.

While your parts may be shipped to your customer in January or February, they may end up on your customer’s shelf until June or July, and will at that time be subject to higher temperatures and high humidity. These conditions will cause condensation and rust to form. Again, the proper use of VCI packaging will prevent rust from forming.

If you use VCI products only for part of the year, your employees can get out of the habit of using VCI products, and could ship parts during summer months without VCI protection. By using VCI products to protect your parts all year long, every shipment, your employees get in the good habit of protecting every part, every shipment all year long, and eliminating rust and corrosion all year long.

A corrosion prevention specialist at Green Packaging, Inc. will be able to determine the best corrosion inhibiting system for your unique application.

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