Using VCI and Rust Preventative Oils

Using Rust Preventative Oils in conjunction with VCI products.

What Happens When RP Oil and VCI Products are used Together?

If your parts are coated with a heavy layer of RP Oil, then placed in VCI packaging, the RP Oil becomes the first line of defense against rust and corrosion. This is not to say, the two products can’t work efficiently together.

Here are some advantages of using VCI with R.P. oils:

  • If you are spraying metal parts with oil, and miss some of the metal surface, VCI will protect those areas
  • If the oil evaporates (which it will) the VCI will protect your parts after the oil has evaporated
  • If parts are bulk packed and rub against each other, removing the oil, the VCI will protect the parts
  • When parts are shipped, the vibration during shipping may abrade some of the oil off the parts, and the VCI will be effective in those areas

While the R.P. oil may be doing most of the “heavy lifting” in terms of rust prevention, the VCI will be an inexpensive “insurance policy” that will only enhance the rust protection. We call this the “belt and suspenders” approach to rust prevention.

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