VCI Bags From The Anti-Rust Experts

Putting An End To Your Rust Problems

Rust issues result in unforeseen expenses and dwindling customer loyalty. A new rust preventative solution must be efficient in terms of cost and effective in terms of extensive rust protection.

With VCI polyethylene bags, these rust preventative bags are perfect for packaging ferrous and non-ferrous metals – including carbon steel, chrome, stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum, silver, silicon steel and galvanized steel – and require no additional packaging to stop and prevent the corrosion process. The VCI technology establishes a consistent barrier against moisture, and provides packaged parts with up to five years of corrosion-free storage.

As corrosion-inhibiting mediums, VCI Poly Bags encourage ease of use through the following features:

  • Simple placement of metal parts into a bag
  • Easy identification, inspection and inventory of metal parts in transparent bags
  • Resistance to water, oil and grease
  • Withstand temperatures from -60 degrees F to +200 degrees F
  • Manufactured to your exact size specifications
  • Economical and can be reused
  • Extremely resistant to tears and punctures

Inside The VCI Method: How VCI Bags Work

Rust Prevention Bags are coated with a corrosion-inhibiting chemical that transfers from the medium of the clear bag into the air through vaporization.

Because these chemicals work on a molecular level, the VCI technology completely adheres to the surface of the metal needing protection and creates a thin barrier against moisture, dust and other corrosion-causing contaminants.

The chemicals reach into crevices, cracks, nooks and other irregular shapes for comprehensive rust protection. The air inside the packaging environment becomes completely saturated with the corrosion-inhibiting vapors, keeping parts clean, dry, corrosion-free and ready to be used upon removing from the packaging.

Anti-Corrosion, VCI Bags And Film Available From Green Packaging

Our VCI Plastic Bags are produced at 1-8 mils in thickness and manufactured to your size specifications (up to 12 feet wide).

Choose from the following VCI bags for your rust preventative needs:

  • Flat VCI Poly Bags
  • Gusseted VCI Poly Bags
  • VCI Poly Sheeting
  • VCI Stretch Film
  • VCI Bubble Bags

We carry a wide selection of VCI bags for immediate shipment. Our VCI Poly Bags are recyclable, non-toxic, nitrite-free and heavy-metal-free, making them the only environmentally friendly choice for rust preventative bags.

How To Use VCI Bags When Packaging Parts

  • Line the box with VCI bags and place parts inside bags
  • Close and seal the Rust Prevention Bag immediately to contain VCI vapors inside of the packaging environment
  • Sealing methods include heat, tape, twist-tie, staples or folding the VCI Plastic Bag over
  • For export shipping or long-term storage, seal VCI Poly Bag tightly as opposed to simply folding over the bag


Q: Can Rust Prevention Bags be reused?

A: Yes, the bags can be reused if they are still in good condition, without holes and tears. The bags must also be clean and not contaminated with dirt, grease or oils.

Q: What should I do if I have a rip in my VCI Plastic Bag?

A: If the rip is small, cover the rip or hole with a high-quality piece of tape designed to adhere to polyethylene. Or, fold over and staple the area shut.

Q: Can I use my VCI Poly Bag in conjunction with oil coatings?

A: It is fine to use a light oil coating on the metal part in conjunction with a VCI bag. But a heavy oil coating may affect the performance of the Rust Prevention Bag by keeping the corrosion-inhibiting vapor molecules from reaching the surface of the metal.

Q: Where can I find the manufacturing date for VCI Plastic Bags?

A: Most VCI bags that come in rolls have a sticker with the manufacturing date on it. You can find the label inside the core of each roll.

Choose a more effective rust preventative to cut rust-associated costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Request free samples of VCI bags, and test the effectiveness of a new rust preventative solution for your metal parts.