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VCI Bags – Rust Guard Premium

  • Excellent long-term corrosion protection and moisture resistance
  • VCI Bags are transparent for easy inspection of material inside
  • Available in many sizes and styles: heat seal, ziplock, gusseted, etc.

Rust Guard Premium™ VCI Poly Bags are heat sealable, water resistant, and transparent for easy inspection. They provide you with the ideal solution for corrosion protection for metal parts in-process, in storage, and during shipment and transport.

At Green Packaging, Inc. there is no “one size fits all” solution to your rust prevention requirements. Our Rust Guard Premium™ VCI Poly Bags are specifically formulated for your exact application.

VCI Poly Bags – Rust Guard Premium™ for Cast Metals

For protection against rust on cast metals, polyethylene-based film is impregnated with a Cast Metal VCI formulation–a specially designed vapor and contact corrosion inhibitor formulation. This product provides industry-leading protection for cast metals, including grey iron, ductile iron, white iron, austempered ductile iron, malleable iron, and other cast metals. Green Packaging VCI Poly Bags are available in gusseted, flat, and Ziplock VCI bags.

VCI Multi-Metal Biotect Poly Bags – Rust Guard Premium™

Polyethylene-based film impregnated with Biotect MB VCI formulation is a blend of natural, organic corrosion inhibitors that act as vapor and contact phase corrosion inhibitors. It is the first VCI film to be FDA approved for direct contact with food and food processing equipment. Biotect VCI bags provide excellent protection for ferrous and non-ferrous metals such as steel, aluminum, iron, copper, brass, bronze, magnesium, and galvanized steel. It is available in gusseted, flat, and Ziplock VCI bags.

VCI Bubble Bags – Rust Guard Premium™

Combining the protective properties of bubble wrap with the proven corrosion prevention properties of Rust Guard Premium™ VCI technology, provides all-around packaging for high-precision metal products. Rust Guard Premium™ VCI Bubble Bags provide excellent surface and scratch protection, as well as corrosion inhibiting properties for all metals.


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VCI Polyethylene Flat Bags - Rust Guard Premium™
4" X 6" 6" X 8" 8" X 10" 9" X 12" 10" X 12"
VCI Ziplock Flat Bags - Rust Guard Premium™
3" X 5" 4" X 6" 6" X 8"
8" X 10" 10" X 12" 12" X 14"
VCI Polyethylene Gusseted Bags - Rust Guard Premium™
10" x 8" x 17" 11" x 10" x 21" 12" x 10" x 22" 13" x 11" x 25"
14" x 10" x 19" 16" x 10" x 21" 16" x 14" x 16" 20" x 16" x 30"
21" x 12" x 22" 23" x 18" x 46" 26" x 24" x 42 " 27" x 20" x 25"
29" x 29" x 56" 34" x 33" x 65" 40" x 27" x 70" 49" x 40" x 78"
49" x 46" x 75" 49" x 46" x 90" 50" x 34" x 65" 50" x 48" x 80"
50" x 48" x 80" 54" x 44" x 96" 55" x 45" x 68" 55" x 45" x 80"
58" x 48" x 110" 60" x 50" x 95" 70" x 44" x 100" 13" x 11" x 25"
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