9 Ways VCI Packaging Improves Your Company’s Image And Bottom Line

VCI packaging is a safe, clean, easy, economical method of rust prevention. VCI products safely and effectively eliminate the need for messy, expensive, ineffective, unhealthy rust-preventative oils.

Here are just nine ways that VCI packaging helps your company save money, improve the health of your employees and protect the environment:

  1. VCI packaging is less expensive than R.P. oils and requires much less labor and time than spraying, dipping or brushing on R.P. oils.
  2. VCI products protect metal parts from corrosion more effectively than conventional corrosion inhibitors, such as R.P. oils.
  3. VCI paper and VCI poly bags are recyclable, which greatly reduces disposal costs.
  4. VCI packaging eliminates the disposal costs associated with oily rags and used 55-gallon drums.
  5. VCI paper and VCI poly bags can be imprinted with your company logo, enhancing your company’s image in the eyes of your customers.
  6. When parts protected with VCI packaging arrive, they are clean, dry and corrosion-free, so your customers no longer have to remove oils and greases. This adds great value to your parts and your company.
  7. VCI products are safe with regard to the health of your employees and the environment.
  8. Unlike R.P. oils, VCI packaging keeps your metal parts rust-free for several years.
  9. VCI packaging improves your company’s image. Customers clearly see that you are at the forefront of rust prevention when you use the most up-to-date, modern, clean, safe and effective products to protect their parts from rust and corrosion.

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