Are Your Metalcastings Protected From Rust?

Are you producing castings of ductile iron, gray iron or any other ferrous or non-ferrous alloys? Are you utilizing the right rust-inhibiting products and procedures in your process to prevent rust along the way?

Flash rusting is an ever-present issue for foundries during the high humidity created by metal processing. Without the right rust-prevention method, long-term and short-term storage of your metal parts become compromised.

VCI Products: The Ultimate In Foundry Rust Preventatives

For years, Green Packaging has focused on providing rust-inhibiting VCI products to foundries and metalcasters across the country.

Our VCI packaging products have helped foundries replace the hazardous oils and solvents of old with a non-toxic, environmentally friendly alternative. Our proprietary rust-prevention method is formulated specifically for cast metals and is extremely effective in preventing rust on your castings. It is our guarantee to your foundry.

If you’re plagued by headaches caused by the formulation of rust on your metalcastings, submit your parts to a state-of-the-art, accelerated corrosion testing in our lab at no charge. We’re committed to helping foundries get to the bottom of their corrosion problems once and for all.

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