Frequently Asked Questions about VCI Paper

1. What is VCI Paper?

VCI Paper is a safe, easy, effective way to prevent rust and corrosion on virtually any type of metal parts and metal products. VCI paper can be used to wrap metal parts, interleaved between layers of parts, or draped over parts. Sheets of it can be placed inside wooden crates or corrugated boxes. 

2. What do you use VCI paper for?

It is used for the prevention of rust and corrosion on metal parts and metal products.  The paper can safely, easily, and effectively replace toxic rust preventative oils and greases

3. How does VCI paper work?

It works by creating an invisible molecular protection layer on metal surfaces. The corrosion inhibitor migrates out of the paper, and into the packaging environment where metal parts are packaged. This environment is subsequently saturated with the corrosion inhibitor and a thin molecular protection layer adheres to all metal surfaces, effectively preventing rust and corrosion on the parts for up to 36 months. VCI paper technology works on a molecular level to prevent corrosion and rust on all surfaces of the metal, including recessed areas, holes, and “nooks and crannies”.

4. What are the benefits of VCI paper?

The biggest benefit of VCI paper from is that our paper performs better than petroleum-based rust preventative oils and greases, and it outperforms every other VCI paper on the market due to our proprietary VCI formulation. In addition, it will lead to lower labor costs: Simply wrap metal parts in Green VCI Paper. No coating, spraying, dipping or brushing necessary No need for messy oils and greases. VCI molecules from the paper reach all recessed areas of your parts for complete corrosion protection.  Your customer receives your product in a clean dry state. VCI protected parts can be used immediately with no need for removal of oils and greases. VCI paper is more environmentally-friendly than traditional rust preventative oils and greases.  There are no employee health and safety issues as with oils: No slip and fall accidents.  With this paper, you will have no disposal fees (VCI paper is completely repulpable and recyclable).  Using it may even lower your insurance costs (due to no flammable liquids)

5. How do I buy VCI paper from

VCI paper from can be ordered by email:, by toll-free phone: (855) 4-NO-RUST, or by FAX: (215)368-7269.  These contact methods may also be used for any questions concerning our VCI paper. Please view our sizes in stock and fill out the quote request form.