Prevent Rust on Your Parts While They are Still in Your Plant

One of the biggest reasons why metal parts become rusted is because of improper handling of those parts while they are in your plant.  Metal parts should never be left exposed to the air in your plant.  Contaminants in the air, fork truck exhaust, and by-products of your manufacturing process can all contribute to accelerating rust and corrosion.


Metal parts that are in-process or waiting for secondary operations should be covered with VCI paper or placed in a VCI bag for corrosion protection.  By keeping your parts protected with VCI, you will prevent the contaminants in the air, and corrosion-causing elements (oxygen, salt, moisture, etc) from affecting your parts.  It’s important to remember that VCI’s will completely evaporate when parts are removed from the VCI, so no cleaning or removal is necessary, even if the parts are to be welded or painted.


One final suggestion is to make sure that your metal parts are not in direct contact with wooden pallets, wooden crates, and corrugated boxes.  Moisture, acids, and chlorine that is common in these products can all accelerate corrosion, especially in those areas where the parts are in direct contact with the wood or corrugated.  This is known as contact corrosion, and it will be prevented if you create a VCI barrier between your parts and the wood or corrugated.  Simply place a sheet of VCI paper or VCI poly sheeting between the parts and the wood or corrugated, or line corrugated boxes with a VCI poly bag or VCI paper.

By following these three simple procedures, you will greatly reduce the likelihood of corrosion and rust affecting your parts, your bottom line, and your reputation.  Contact Green-VCI for more information, free reports, and a free corrosion consultation.  Call toll-free 1-877-822-0552 or e-mail Visit our web site for tons more information and tips