Green VCI Poly Bags Prevent Rust and Corrosion


VCI Poly Bags, also known as Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors, provide effective and long lasting protection against rust and corrosion to metal parts, components, assemblies, forgings, castings, metal stampings, powdered metal parts automotive parts, and all other metal products made out of ferrous, non-ferrous metal and multi metals. Metals protected include carbon steel, chrome, stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum, silver, silicon steel, galvanized steel; while in-process, during storage, and throughout the shipping cycle while in transit and overseas shipment for exports.

Causes of Corrosion

Surfaces of most of the metals rust and corrode due to moisture, water, acids, salts and other contaminants that are always present in our atmosphere. Corrosion and deterioration of metal surfaces also take place when they are exposed to gases containing sulfur, acid vapors and ammonia gas.  Common culprits include by-products of the manufacturing process, by-products from heat treating, and fork truck exhaust.

The corrosion process is often accelerated when metal products are exposed to environmental changes such as fluctuations in temperature and humidity which often happens during product transportation, overseas shipments or long term storage.

Anti Corrosion Packaging, Green VCI Poly Bags, VCI Poly Tubing & VCI Poly Sheets

Green VCI Poly Products are available in several forms: Flat VCI Bags, Gusseted VCI Bags, VCI Poly Tubing, VCI Poly Sheeting, VCI Bubble Bags, and VCI Stretch Film.  One of the most popular VCI products is Custom-Sized Gusseted VCI Poly Bags. All of these VCI Poly Products provide the most effective packaging solutions for protection against rust and corrosion for both ferrous, non-ferrous metals and also multi metal surfaces, electronic components, parts assemblies and finished goods.

Advantages of VCI Poly Products

Green VCI Poly products provide excellent long-term protection against rust and corrosion for all metal parts and components.  Parts protected with Green VCI Poly will stay corrosion-free for 5 years or longer.  Green VCI Poly gives the added protection of a moisture barrier, and they are also excellent dust and contaminant barriers.  VCI Poly products are naturally grease and oil resistant.  Because they are transparent, products can be inspected without the need of removing the parts from the packaging.

Another advantage of Green VCI Poly bags is their ease of use.  Simply place your parts in a Green VCI Poly Bag.  There is no need for spraying, dipping or brushing on oils or greases.  Parts stay corrosion-free and customers receive parts that are dry with no need to remove oils.  Green VCI Poly products are much more environmentally-friendly than traditional rust preventative oils and greases.