Fingerprints Cause Rust!

Today’s tip will be a very short, but very important one.  In nearly 20 years of solving corrosion and rust issues for metal parts manufacturers all over the country, one of the most basic, yet least observed rules of handling metal parts is to ALWAYS wear gloves when handling metal parts.  I can recount to you dozens and dozens of times when I have been called in to discover the cause of corrosion and rust, only to find this most basic rule ignored.  I have literally seen rust in the shape of fingerprints on metal parts!  Acids, moisture  and oils in human hands can cause and accelerate corrosion on metal parts.  ALWAYS wear a pair of cotton gloves when touching, inspecting, handling, and packaging metal parts. Metal parts should be packaged in VCI paper or placed in a VCI bag as quickly as possible.  This includes while the parts are in-process and while they are waiting in the que for secondary operations.  Of particular importance is to have the metal parts  packaged in VCI paper or in VCI bags during storage, and in shipment to your customers.  Some manufacturers use VCI packaging only during the summer months, but this is a big mistake, as you can never tell when those parts will be shipped or used by your customer.  In other words, even if you are packaging parts in January with low humidity, the parts may sit on your shelf or your customer’s shelf until they are used in July!  Protect your parts year-round with VCI packaging form Green Packaging, Inc.