Ready to Prevent Rust?

You’ve learned how you can prevent rust from destroying your metal castings and parts. Now, you have the opportunity to try our Rust Guard Premium™ VCI products for yourself. Fill out the form to get in touch with our team or request a free sample of our rust prevention products.

We have been using VCI paper and bags exclusively from Green Packaging for more than three years to protect our automotive parts, for shipment to 25 different automotive assembly plants in 14 countries, without incident.

Gerry Shaw
Packaging Engineer
Continental Automotive

Offering the Industry’s Only Rust Prevention Guarantee

Here at Green Packaging, Inc. we offer the industry’s only Rust Prevention Guarantee. Our VCI paper and poly bags for metal parts and castings utilize a proprietary, one-of-a-kind formula to help prevent rust. While they’re the industry’s most powerful solution to rust prevention, they’re also the its safest: our products are free of cancer-causing carcinogens, heavy metals, nitrites and secondary amines.

What else do you get when you choose Green Packaging, Inc.?

  • The largest selection of quality VCI products.
  • Custom-sized VCI bags for any of your needs.
  • Environmentally safe products that are non-toxic and 100% recyclable.
  • On-site or over-the-phone free consultations.
  • A money-back guarantee if rust persists on your metal castings or parts.
  • Are you a foundry owner or employee? We offer professional foundry support.

You have nothing to lose…except the rust! Contact our team today by using the accompanying form to learn how you can prevent rust from ruining your metal parts and castings.