What’s Rust Costing Your Auto Parts Outfit?

Cost_of_Rust_and_CorrosionRust problems impact everyone involved – from manufacturers to suppliers to consumers.

In the auto industry, this is especially true.

For example, on average, the total annual direct cost of corrosion is approximately $23.4 billion, with $14.46 billion attributed to the depreciation of vehicles due to corrosion.

How well ...


Why VCI Wins Out Over All Other Anti-Rust Procedures

When you consider the success of your chosen corrosion inhibitors, how they work together is as important as how they work in isolation.

For example, in manufacturing industries, after machining metal parts it’s necessary to protect the bare metal surface until the next phase, and if the inhibitor used during ...


VCI In Challenging Production And Shipping Environments


The result of poor packaging creates waste through discarded metal parts, components or equipment, and losses of time and money – both for your business and your customers’ businesses.

In some situations, the better packaging may be more expensive than the packaging you’re currently using. But the construction and design ...