Are You Using VCI To Package Your Machined Metal Parts?

Are You Using VCI To Package Your Machined Metal Parts?Are your machined metal parts perfect, bright and finished before you ship them?

Are they rusted upon arriving with customers?

Whether forging or machining cylinder liners, crankshafts, connecting rods or other metals, sensitive metal surfaces require rust protection, especially when storing and transporting.

Temperature changes, humidity levels and airborne contaminants ...


A Metal Parts Manufacturer’s Guide To Using VCI Bags

A_Metal_Parts_Manufacturers_Guide_To_Using_VCI_Bags.jpgThere are many advantages to using VCI bags to package your metal parts – whether you’re concerned with preventing rust on carbon steel, chrome, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, copper, silicon steel or galvanized steel.

With a sufficient moisture barrier between the part and rust-causing contaminants, your parts will arrive at ...


Painless Corrosion Protection For Domestic Metal Parts Manufacturers

GP_41.jpgWhether you’re looking to decrease costs, reduce packaging time or increase customer satisfaction, there are always improvements to make as a metal parts manufacturer in the realm of corrosion protection.

However, pains change, and regardless of where your pain is most immediate today, that pain may evolve and change ...


A Shipper’s Guide To Mixing And Matching VCI Packaging

GreenPackagingBlog__40.jpgWhen shipping metal parts, you might think you have every opportunity for rust covered. But when you prepare stored parts to be shipped, or when those parts are received by your customers, you might find yourself asking: “Where did I go wrong?”

That’s because shipping metal parts requires a methodical ...