12 Essential Processes: Step 5- Don’t Just Try to Dry

This month, as part of our series, we’ll be looking at the fifth of our 12 essential processes, drying products thoroughly. Now that we’re halfway through this series, you may have noticed that one of the major recurring themes is that, your staff should be as conscious as they can be of the sustained conditions of your pieces. With this tip, foundry staff should make the extra effort to ensure that products are properly cleaned off and cared for before they make it to the shipping area.


So the metal leaves the heat treat area and goes on to cleaning. The pieces are dipped into the solution and then quickly dried, before eventually moving on to the shipping area. When metal is dipped into your cleaning solution, at a microscopic level, agents are loosening and working against dirt and other caked-on hazards. Those agents don’t stop working once they hit the formed metal of your pieces; if left too long, even at a small amount, they can harm the work.


If not properly dried, the piece can appear fine to the naked eye, be packed and shipped and arrive with one side of the piece partially or completely rusted. Needless to say, this can be something of a problem. Metal isn’t thought of as being particularly easy to harm (that’s the whole point, right?) but with unnecessary moisture, it can be totally ruined.


By ensuring that every part is dried thoroughly once it leaves the cleaning solution, parts are significantly more likely to ship and arrive in excellent condition. If foundry staff spend just a few more minutes on the drying process, the reward can be in the pieces saved. One tip is to place parts in a wire basket. By using heat, forced air or vibrations, parts can dry even more quickly.


At Green Packaging Inc., we’re on a mission to stop corrosion in it’s tracks from affecting the parts that foundries work hard to produce. Check back in with us next month when we’ll be covering keeping metalworking fluids clean.


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