12 Essential Processes: Step 4- Get Out of the Heat

This month, we’re covering another essential process to properly protect your metal pieces from corrosion– keeping your metal parts away from the heat treat area.


Metal parts can’t just be stored anywhere. Your metal pieces need a home far away from severe temperatures. When you keep them close to the heat treat area, the hot air can weaken even the strongest treated metals, making them more susceptible to rust or corrosion.


The heat treat area is a known hazard for finished parts. It is reasonable to assume that since many metal pieces go through that area, it would be safe to store them close-by. However a number of dangerous elements exist around that area that make it unfit for metal storage.


By far, the biggest concern is the actual temperatures being emitted from the area that may weaken the outer layers of metal pieces. Severe temperature changes can affect parts in negative ways causing them to warp imperceptibly or lose what protection they have.


The heat treat area also gives off a number of vapors that can negatively affect the parts kept close-by. The high traffic to that area doesn’t help either, as plant workers move back and forth with various materials it creates an increased risk.


 The best solution to avoid the dangers of the heat treat area is to use vci packaging, move the parts away from the heat treat area and keep them covered with either VCI paper or VCI poly. Either VCI paper or VCI poly bags will offer proper protection, but as we discussed last month, it’s best to keep metal parts covered at all times, even before they reach the staging area.


We hoped you enjoyed our fourth essential process in our thirteen-part series. Next month we will be moving closer the halfway point of our series with our next topic, drying pieces.


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