12 Essential Processes: Step 10 Using Rust Preventative Oils Correctly

With Green Packaging Inc., buying rust protection is simple, easy and effective. We believe in the power of our products, seeing their impact on the industries they are used in and improving the efficiency of the businesses that use them.


Last month, we covered the ninth step in our essential processes, atmospheric conditions. This month, we’re looking at rust preventative oils and how to use them correctly.


Rust Preventative oils are environmentally unfriendly and typically increase insurance costs due to their flammability. Many industries have moved away from R.P. oils for good reason, but there are still businesses out there that use them in their production process.


For foundries, heavy machinery producers and other metalworking businesses that do use R.P. oils, it’s important for them to monitor their rust preventative measures, keeping the area clean as well. Spraying, coating, dipping and brushing metal parts must be done meticulously ensuring that they reach deep into any recesses.


There are better options, though.


When buying rust preventive supplies, VCI bags and paper eliminate the necessity of coating every piece in grease or oil. Furthermore, using these VCI products lowers labor costs and insurance costs while eliminating disposal costs.


What if you still prefer to apply liquid rust prevention?


Water-based rust inhibitor liquid is available in our catalog and is easier to use than R.P. oils. Available in a spray bottle, the liquid is simply applied to the parts after they are cooled, ensuring to adequately coat any recesses. The result is the same as oil or grease but without nearly as much maintenance or associated costs.


Cost-effective, environmentally friendly, safer for staff, the reasons to eliminate rust preventative oils are clear.


With two more steps to go, we’ll be back next month with the next step in our 12 essential processes, using the wrong type of VCI product.


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