12 Essential Procedures: Step one- Wearing Gloves

Our first essential procedure is that every person coming into contact with metal parts must wear gloves. It’s not about the fashion statement, gloves protect metals from corrosion, but how?


Human hands are dirty, even at their most clean, they are still dirty. Even if every single person handling metal parts hadn’t touched their lunch, coughed or sneezed into their hands, touched their hair, scratched an itch or touched anything at all that day, their hands would still be unfit to hold parts susceptible to corrosion. This is because human hands naturally carry moisture; palms sweat, fingers produce oils, hands are just generally covered in contaminants that can cause rust. If you’ve ever seen the result of metals handled without gloves, you can often identify the rusting patterns as fingerprints.


Rust is a serious concern for businesses that deal in packing and shipping metal parts. Oxidation on pieces, large and small can cause a complete loss. Structural integrity and fit are threatened even at the lowest levels of corrosion. The only acceptable level of rusting is none.


When employees involved in all levels of handling parts are instructed to wear gloves a business eliminates a major factor in metal corrosion. It’s safer for the employees because it protects their hands and it’s safer for the business because it protects the parts. It’s a small decision for a business to require employees to wear gloves; however, it can lead to a big result.


Of course, there are other factors to consider. This is only the first of our twelve essential procedures to prevent corrosion on metal parts. We don’t just carry rust preventative bags for sale, we do our best to educate our customers how to ensure their products are never corroded, from before they enter our packaging products until after they are taken out of them. Preventing rust from occurring isn’t just our business, it’s our passion.


Join us next month when we go over our second essential procedure in depth, packaging metal parts in direct contact with packing materials. In the meantime, take a look at some of our VCI bags for sale.