12 Essential Procedures to Prevent Corrosion On Metal Parts

In this 13 part series we’re going to be reviewing the 12 essential procedures to prevent corrosion on metal parts. In this first blog we’re going to be taking a look at the procedures in general and their purpose. Green Packaging recommends the 12 essential procedures to everyone who needs to safely handle metal parts. What these procedures do is virtually guarantee that any metal handled or shipped will not rust, corrode or oxidize in any meaningful way before or when it reaches its destination. Corrosion is a real problem when it comes to shipping pieces, and the company works hard to ensure that if their products are used correctly, and their procedures followed, it will be one less thing to worry about. Grated metal parts on machine lathe

Each of the essential procedures deals with an important factor when it comes to handling, packing and shipping products. They are meant to be used in tandem with Green Packaging’s packing and shipping products, but some of the procedures are useful for almost any product or shipping procedure. Everything from proper handling, to the temperature of a packing space, to the actual process of packing a shipment is covered to make sure that there are no questions or uncertainties about an outgoing good. A legacy of more than 20 years in responsibly created, anti-corrosion packaging means the company knows a thing or two about their craft. Green Packaging has worked hard to further the science behind VCI packaging and the best ways to deliver not only a reliable product, but a trusted process as well. With Green Packaging’s 12 essential procedures to prevent corrosion on metal parts, the company has developed a scientifically-based, safe way to use their products to ensure that metal parts arrive rust-free, just the way they were sent. As well as the essential procedures, the company has developed a few other tips and helpful reads to help their customers. Free brochures are available on the website as well as in-depth descriptions of the products that they provide. Check back with us next month when we cover the first of the twelve procedures: Production, inspection and packing personnel and what they can do to prevent metal corrosion.