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Metal Rescue™ Rust Remover From The Anti-Rust Experts

metal rust removerRust prevention is always your #1 concern, but if you need a fast-acting rust remover, where do you turn?

Green Packaging’s Metal Rescue™ product is the safest, easiest and most efficient way to remove rust from metal parts.

This environmentally friendly, revolutionary, water-based metal rust remover works effectively without compromising mechanical properties or functionality. It’s the only cost-effective solution for salvaging rusted metal parts.

Non-Toxic, Water-Based Rust Remover

Metal Rescue™ rust remover from Green Packaging involves virtually no labor. There’s no scrubbing and no brushing. Plus, the metal part is ready for immediate use after rust removal.

So, how does Metal Rescue™ work?

  • Place the rusted metal part in a Metal Rescue™ bath.
  • Let the part soak for ten minutes to 24 hours – depending on the severity of the rust – and allow the chelating agent in Metal Rescue™ to attack the iron oxide.
  • Metal Rescue™ is safe on everything (except rust!). Plastic, wood, paint, etc., won’t be harmed while your rust is being eradicated.
  • After de-rusting, place the metal part inside a VCI product for shipping or storage purposes.

Companies that use Metal Rescue™ empower plant personnel and employees with a low-risk product that saves time by quickly resolving rust issues.

Other Benefits Of Metal Rescue™

  • Non-corrosive and non-evasive rust remover
  • Environmentally friendly and safe on skin
  • For continued corrosion control, use with other VCI packaging products

Rely on Metal Rescue™ for all of your rust-removal efforts. Contact us online or call 1-855-4-NO-RUST (1-855-466-7878) to discuss your corrosion problems with the anti-rust experts.