Dry Coat™ Rust Preventative From The Anti-Rust Experts

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Dry Coat™ Rust Preventative from Green Packaging is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly, water-based rust preventative for ferrous metals and stainless steel. We have been working for over twenty years to bring our customers safe and effective solutions for their corrosion problems and this is the fruit of our labor.

A replacement for grease and oil-based corrosion inhibitors, Dry Coat™ Rust Preventative represents advancement in corrosion control and rust prevention.

Green Packaging, Inc. is the only distributor in the U.S. that stocks Dry Coat ™ Rust Preventative. You can buy this product in three sizes: 16-Ounce spray bottles, 5-Gallon pails, and 55-Gallon drums.

Dry Coat Rust Protection

  • Dry Coat™ Rust Preventative may be applied out of the box and is dry-to-touch within 30 minutes under ambient conditions.
  • The clear coat displaces water and oil on metal surfaces while resisting dirt and dust, unlike other sticky or tacky rust-preventative products.
  • Dry Coat ™ Rust Preventative protects ferrous metals from rust and corrosion for up to 12 months if stored indoors or covered outdoors. When used in conjunction with our VCI paper or VCI poly bags, protection can last for 5 years or longer.
  • This non-hazardous rust preventative washes off easily with mild detergents or other commonly used metal-cleaning products.
  • Dry Coat™ Rust Preventative is a water-based liquid RP for ferrous metals and represents a significant advancement in corrosion prevention technology. It can be applied by dip, spray, or flow coating — whichever method is most convenient for your metal parts.
  • Dry Coat™ Rust Preventative is a user-friendly replacement for solvent and oil-based corrosion inhibitors. At ambient conditions this clear protective coating will be dry-to-touch within 30 minutes.
  • Unlike sticky or tacky products, Dry Coat™ Rust Preventative does not attract dirt or dust on metal parts. It is safe to use on ferrous metals and stainless steel and will not harm most elastomers, plastics, or painted surfaces.
  • Dry Coat™ Rust Preventative is non-hazardous and easily washes off using plain water, mild detergents or common metal cleaning solutions.

How Does Dry Coat™ Rust Preventative Make Packaging Metal Parts Easier?

Dry Coat™ Rust Preventative from Green Packaging is a no-mess replacement for oils, solvents and sticky rust-preventative methods that saves time and money.

Ideal applications for Dry Coat™ Rust Preventative rust preventative include:

  • Small parts in large quantities such as nuts and bolts, fasteners, and hardware
  • Oddly shaped parts that cannot be placed into a VCI poly bag or wrapped in paper
  • Gears, pipes, flanges and cast iron
  • Export equipment or machinery and ferrous metals

Dry Coat™  Rust Preventative and saves time and money compared to other wrapping methods. Never struggle with messy grease and oil-based products to package your metal goods again — buy the no-hassle Dry Coat™ Rust Preventative.

For those times when your products has already been damaged by rust, try our reliable and environmentally friendly metal rust remover. Once the rust is safely removed, continue to preserve it with an anti-corrosion treatment like Dry Coat™.

Dry Coat™ Rust Preventative is the ultimate corrosion-prevention choice for metal parts manufacturers. Contact us online or call 1-855-4-NO-RUST (1-855-466-7878) to discuss your current rust-prevention methods with the anti-rust experts.