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Green VCI Paper and Green VCI Poly products are a unique line of environmentally-friendly corrosion inhibitors. Rust inhibiting chemicals are coated or impregnated into paper or polyethylene. When metal parts are packaged in Green VCI Paper or Green VCI Poly, the rust inhibitor chemicals migrate off of the paper or poly and deposit on the surface of the metal parts. Green VCI technology works on a molecular level. The rust inhibitor molecules completely cover all surfaces of the metal (including hard to reach places) and prevent oxygen and moisture from causing corrosion and rust on the metal.

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VCI Paper

Anti Rust VCI Paper

Green Packaging, Inc. carries the widest selection of environmentally-friendly VCI corrosion inhibiting papers. Unlike most of our competitors, all of our Green VCI paper

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VCI Poly

VCI Bags & Anti-Rust VCI Poly Bags

VCI Bags

Green Packaging, Inc. carries a complete line of rust preventative VCI Bags (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) Bags. Our rust preventative VCI bags protect all ferrous

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VCI Emitters

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Metal Rescue

Green Packaging, Inc. introduces Metal Rescue™. This revolutionary liquid metal rust remover is easy, clean and safe to use. It utilizes a unique and selective chelating agent to remove rust (iron oxide) without posing any health,

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Dry Coat

Dry Coat™ Rust Preventative is a water-based liquid RP for ferrous metals. This water-based product is a significant advancement in corrosion prevention technology that replaces solvent and oil-based corrosion

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