Rust Prention Guarantee

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Importance of VCI Packaging

VCI Packaging is a must for many manufacturers because it helps keep metal parts rust free during the shipping process.   Environmentally friendly VCI packaging paper and poly products can save manufacturers significant amounts in returns and replacements.

An upcoming conference on corrosion protection illustrates just how important rust ...


Metal Rescue™ Rust Remover

Green Packaging, Inc. can help you remove rust from your tools, metal parts, fishing tackle, hunting gear, automotive parts, etc. You may have thought about using labor intensive abrasives, sandblasting, using toxic materials like naval jelly or acids, or even throwing these items away.  But now, you can use ...


7 Reasons Why Rust Preventative Oils Are So Costly

It is estimated that corrosion costs American Industry $350 BILLION dollars per year. This cost is ultimately passed on to consumers. Corrosion is not only unsightly; it can damage the structural integrity of metal parts. For highly machined metal parts, even a small amount of corrosion can render the parts ...


The Cost of Corrosion to Metal Parts Manufacturers

Corrosion, and in particular rust, costs metal parts manufacturers and foundries an average of more than 350 billion dollars annually!   During manufacturing and shipping, metal parts can be exposed to moisture, causing rust.  Many times clients return these rusted parts, doubling shipping costs, and sometimes causing the ...